What Should I Look for in a Warranty?

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There’s no doubt about it: A transmission rebuild is a big investment. When you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned dollars, you want some kind of assurance that your transmission will keep working for a while. You want a warranty.

What should you look for in a warranty?

  1. It should be written in simple and easy-to-understand language.
  2. It should identify the vehicle and its owner.
  3. It should identify the beginning date and mileage of coverage and should list the warranty duration in time and mileage.
  4. It should identify exactly what’s covered… and what’s not covered.
  5. It should spell out exactly what the consumer must do to receive repairs under the terms of the warranty.
  6. It should identify the repair network clearly. That is, does the repair have to be performed by the original repair shop, or does it offer nationwide coverage?

One of the most important warranty considerations is the size of the network that covers it. Anyone can offer a coast-to-coast warranty. But will there be anyone in California to cover the transmission repair you bought in New Jersey? Indeed there will… if you had your transmission repaired by an ATRA member repair shop.

A warranty is only as good as the size of its network, and with nearly 2000 members, no one has a network that’s even close in size to ATRA.

Every ATRA Rebuilder member is authorized to offer the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty. And ATRA is the world’s largest Association of independent transmission repair shops. With nearly 2000 members all across the US and Canada, ATRA is almost three times the size of the “world’s largest chain of transmission repair centers.”

So wherever you go, from coast to coast, anywhere in the US or Canada, you can be sure there’s an ATRA member nearby to stand behind your ATRA Golden Rule Warranty. No other warranty offers you better coverage… or piece of mind.

To learn more about the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty, talk to your local ATRA Rebuilder member, or call the ATRA home office, at 1-866-GO-4-ATRA.

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